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High DA free classified Ads submission sites 2021

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Free Classified Ads Submission sites

Classified sites are free ads positing sites it is best advertising process to promote your online or offline business or product. It even helps in website SEO by gaining a backlink. Majorly you need to submit all the details of the website links, title, description and images. Doing so in return we get a quality backlink and also new organic traffic to the website.

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If you are new to SEO or online internet marketing and don’t know about classified submission and how to use classified websites, then this complete blog post helps you a lot in understand the importance of classifieds websites.

Things which are covered in this blog post about classified ads submission?


What is Classified Ads Submission Sites?

What Are the Benefits of Classified Submission?

What Are the Types of Classified Submission Sites?

What Are the Classifieds Ads Submission Sites Components?

What Are the Top Classified Submission Sites List?

What is classified Ads submission Sites?

Classified sites online website which helps to promote your online website or business, brand and products. There are so many online or offline sources to promote your business or brand like Google display advertisement, Search Ads, Video Advertisement and if we come to offline newspaper and magazines. And these types of online and offline advertisement are very expensive. When coming to classified websites these helps to promote your business brand online with free of cost or less amount. There are so many free online classified websites some are paid and some are free.

Best thing of the classified sites is that they have all the categories you can easily select your business category and promote your online or offline business or product in your niche category.

What are the benefits of classified submission? How a Classified Ad Sites does helps with SEO?

  1. Classifieds Sites Promotes Your Brand Online
  2. Classified sites help to promote your business with listing your address, phone number, website link.
  3. Classified Sites Submission generate organic traffic, leads, sales to Your Website.
  4. Easy to renew the Classified Ads
  5. Classified submission help to rank on Google search engine
  6. Most of The Classified Advertisement Is Free to Use
  7. Classified Advertisement Helps You to Get A Backlink for Your Website
  8. Easy to create and post an online advertisement on classified websites within a minute

Types of classified submission sites

There are only two types of classifieds sites

  1. Free classified sites 
  2. Paid classified sites

Classifieds Ads Submission Sites Components

A classified ads submission site consists of mainly three parts:

1. First is Title:

Here you have to write an attractive and compelling title for your classified ad and try to use the keyword. This is very important for SEO purpose.

2. Description:

On this section you are supposed to add few details about your products or services. This is another place to place your keyword carefully. You can mention offers, special discount to attract your customer like black Friday sale, Christmas sales offer ends soon, 50% off for first 20 customers etc. Over here you can mention your contact details.

3. Image:

Add high quality image text images, because the first thing the customer see is the image, just looking at it he should understand that what you are selling. Add website logo and phone number to it.  

4. Contact Details:

List your correct contact details so that potential audience can contact you easily.

Step by Step process on How to do classified submission for SEO

It very simple and easy let’s understand the steps on how to do Classified Submission for SEO with the help of an example:

First Search for Classified Submission sites with high PA and DA. Please find the top-ranking classified site below.

So, we are going with this classified site Locanto.

Locanto Classified Ads Logo

For example:

Some classified sites will ask you to register. So, register and fill up the details like company contact number, Address, website URL, company logo.

Free Classified Ads Submission

After you successfully log in up click on post free ad

Classified Ad Title - Locanto Ads title

Enter your engaging and compelling short title, and then click proceed.

Then select your concerned category and subcategory like if you selling vehicles or its equipment parts then select vehicles or promoting your business then select service.

free classified ads - Locanto Ads classifieds Ads

As we are providing Digital Marketing Service which comes under web service, we will go ahead with that, so we will select web services. So, choose the appropriate category for your business. We are selecting services and then web service.

 Add your description, website URL and images, you can upload more than your 2 images and your image should we attractive and clickable so user attract and want to see your ad.

Then add your address and then click proceed button.

On the next step select Free or Paid Classified Listing. If you go for paid packages you will get additional premium features like your ads will be on top of the search query for that website, huge audience will review your Ad.

For now, we will go for free listing, so simply click proceed button.

That’s it Classified Ads creation successful. After few minutes, your ad will be live.  To view your Classified Ad click View Ads.

post free classified ads

 So finally, your classified ad appears like this to other people. You can always renewal your free classified ad if you don’t want to expire your classified Ads submission. 

So, all the above are step to do for classified submission. Don’t forget to read term and condition page also.

I hope after reading all the above blog content you have clear all the doubts and questions about classified submission. Now we have share top high DA classified submission sites list.

Classified ads submission will definitely improve your overall SEO ranking, website traffic, page authority and give you a head start above your competitors.

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But ensure you are not performing it overly or else you might get penalized by Google newest algorithms.

So, at DMAS – Digital Marketing Ads Service we can help you to create high authority do follow backlinks to your website with the help of Classified Submission.

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