Digital Marketing Roles and Responsibilities

Digital marketing is a career which is blooming in the 21st century. To become a successful digital marketer you need to have certain skills and knowledge about the online market.

In many digital marketing agency, their digital marketers may have a degree in IT, website development, and design but these are not enough. There are many schools, universities, or institutes that are providing a digital marketing course giving an opportunity to specialize in the digital space. As the digital market is evolving day by day, digital marketers are highly expected to stay up-to-date with all the latest digital trends and tools. Getting a digital marketing certificate can help you a lot in understanding digital marketing as well as makes you well skilled with all the latest technologies and digital tools.

Digital Marketing is not only about online marketing but it includes much more responsibilities. They are required to work seamlessly to ensure all online activity promotes and makes the offline efforts fruitful.

Some of the key responsibilities of a Digital Marketer are:

  • Website Design and Development– website designing of a company is one of the most common and important roles of a digital marketer. They are required to coordinate with the web developers and web designers team and deal with the design and functionality of the company’s website.
  • Social Marketing– a digital marketer is responsible for successful marketing and PR of a company online. They handle all the interactions with their customers online via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc,. They regulate all the company’s branding online, what kind of advertisements or product details need to go on their website are all handled by Digital Marketers. 
  • E-Commerce– Digital marketers handle the sales of company’s online. They deal with tasks like online shopping, sales etc,.
  • Content Strategy– Digital marketers are also responsible to decide what kind of content goes online on the company’s website. They design and make content on trending topics which meet the company’s or the product’s requirement.
  • SEO and SEM– Optimizing the website structure and content with use of SEO are done by the digital marketers to bring their target audience in their website. Using paid advertisements etc to attract their audience and bring organic traffic to the website. 

Digital Marketing Career Scope

Digital marketing courses have a wide range of career prospects for a digital marketer to prosper. This ranges from becoming a successful digital marketer in a digital channel or to have a career in a high position such as digital marketing manager or director. The demand for a good digital marketer is growing and marketing professionals are looking for a digital marketer who can see what can be implemented in their company’s website to make it grow more.

Here Are 10 Job Opportunities That Digital Marketing Provides-

  1. Digital Marketing Manager– to become a manager you need at least more than 5 years of experience and necessary expertise as required. The responsibilities of a Manager are –
    1. managing the marketing team
    2. planning and making strategies to make the team more efficient and successful. 
    3. Enhance brand awareness
    4. Guide the marketing team with new digital strategies to accelerate online marketing
    5. The manager reports to the head of digital marketing or the VP of digital marketing in the company. 
  1. Search Engine Optimizer– SEO Executive is required to make the company’s website rank highest on the internet search engines, to make the webpage or website visible on search engine results. The responsibilities also include-
    1. Optimizing the website using SEO techniques to drive the target audience in the company’s website
    2. Reviewing and analyzing the customer interaction online
    3. Develop content using powerful and trendy SEO to gain more traffic
    4. Keep an eye on the latest trends and topics to stay updated with the latest SEO keywords. 
    5. Stay updated with Google’s Algorithm 
  1. Social Media Marketer– 
    1. Managing company’s online presence on all social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc,
    2. Creating social media strategy to attract more audience
    3. Creating content based on trending topics on social media
    4. Taking care of a post’s reach, impressions and engagement with the followers.
    5. Paid advertising to reach for audience
  1. Content Marketer– 
    1. Creating content for websites- blogs, articles, posts, social media content, email newsletters etc
    2. Creating valuable content to reach the target audience and which meets with the company’s requirement
    3. Managing and editing blogs, copywriting, video creation etc
    4. Measure and optimize regular traffic on websites
    5. Maintaining feedback record and engage more audience
  1. Email Marketer– 
    1. Building email lists -making customizable emails tailored to customers interests
    2. Create newsletters 
    3. Run ad campaigns using Gmail user informations
    4. Update customers with new products 
    5. Promote the brand and increase customer engagement
  1. Digital Marketing Copywriter– 
    1. Coordinating with content writers team and refine their content and help them create non plagiarised unique content
    2. Help the Search Engine Marketer in writing better copy for advertising
    3. Identifying the customer’s interests and create fresh articles or content to cater to the customer needs
    4. Create interesting blogs, posts, ebooks, video script etc
    5. Help with creative ideas for video scripts, infographics etc
  1. Video Producers– as new platforms are introduced only for entertainment through videos like Tik Tok . Companies are hiring Video Producers for new social media platforms.
    1. They create short videos for promotion of company
    2. Video editing and posting at regular intervals for gaining regular traffic on website
    3. Creating videos using unique creative ideas for engagement of followers
  1. Google Ads Manager– 
    1. Managing the budget and bidding of ads ensuring they reach to the target audience
    2. Strategizing the Ad campaigns 
    3. Monitoring the Ad performance 
    4. Planning to engage customers through successful ad campaigns
  1. Search Engine Marketer– 
    1. Collecting and analyzing data from paid campaigns 
    2. Identifying trends and Google Algorithms 
    3. Optimizing the paid campaigns to receive organic traffic on websites
    4. Website analysis to manage the campaigns, customer interaction or engagement
  1. Analytics Manager– 
    1. Using tools and strategies for valuable business insights
    2. Handling IT operations, customer feedback etc
    3. Using effective data and statistics in transforming raw data into actionable business insights
    4. Managing and guiding the Data Analysis team

The rise of social media, streaming platforms, shopping portals have brought Digital Marketing into the mainstream, now, the companies are adopting Digital Marketing methods to grow their business on online platforms and reach their customers easily. 

The need for online marketing has led to a huge demand for Digital Marketers. A career in digital marketing is not a dream anymore, there are thousands of companies globally who are looking for expertise who can make their website grow more and attract more customers. 

You can choose to expertise in any skill of digital marketing or you can check the roles and responsibilities given in the list above. More and more job opportunities are coming up as the need to cope up with the latest trends keeps going on.  

The roles of every position depend from base to higher-level duties, ranging from-Executive, Associate, Manager, and Head/VP of the company. So, all you need is knowledge and skill in digital marketing and you are sure to get your dream job. 

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