Top Free Article Submission Sites Lists 2022 Instant Approval

High DA PA article submission websites with instant approval. Top free article submission sites list for 2021 to rank in Google.

Here we have listed out the best free article submission sites list of high DA PA. Read further to know more about the article submission websites.

Why Article Submission?

Article Submission is a well known common procedure of digital marketing, the SEO specialist uses this off-page SEO technique to increase website DA PA, to gain traffic and gain high quality backlink . Article submission is an outstanding off-page search engine optimization trick to achieve quality backlinks to your site or blog, even after the new search engine optimization upgrades. Article Submission is good not only for receiving quality backlinks, but also provides plenty of advantages.

Free Article submission sites with instant approval, click the below button.

How to do Article Submission?

For search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, everyone wants to see their website rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). In order to achieve that one should do Off-page SEO. There are many off-page techniques like link building, forum, influencer outreach, and content marketing

Article Submission, Guest Posting, Guest blogging is a tactic in content marketing, which is an Off-page SEO technique. Where you are writing about tips and tricks about products or services on third party websites. The article typically contains a link somewhere inside the text to your own website, and maybe a little acknowledgment at the end of the message.

Let us understand how to do article submission

There are many article submission websites, and the procedure of article posting varies from website to website. The most common article submission process is explained down below of is an open platform where readers and writers merge and share their content in an online publishing platform. It has a high DA PA score and also ranks on Google search engine and results in huge traffic to your website.

Follow these step by step to do article submission on

Step 1: Visit the website, simply search it on the Google Search engine. 

Step 2: Create an account on, so click the button Get Started.

article submission sites

Step 3: Sign Up on Medium with any of the three option Google, Facebook or Gmail

article submission sites

Step 4: Enter your login details like email, phone, username and password

free article submission sites list

Note: Before creating an account do check the terms and conditions and privacy policy terms of

Step 5: Click the right hand side top corner icon

free article submission sites list

Step 6: Click the setting option

Step 7: Update your profile, with a proper name, short bio and personalized your page with other things as well. 

free article submission sites 2021

Step 8: You can design a profile by picking colors and fonts, style the header and make your profile unique.

free article sites

Step 9: After updating your profile page again click the right hand side top corner icon, under that option click write a story (the first option). 

free article submission sites 2021

Step 10: You can find a blank white interface, here you can put down your article (unique content with an engaging title, images, videos, and redirecting link).

free article submission sites list 2021

Step 11: After putting all the content on the workspace click the button “publish”.

Step 12: Add the article related tags (up to 5), and even put down the preview subtitle and click publish now button.

Step 13: Published article can be reviewed here.

free article submission sites without registration

Article submission sites with instant approval, click the below button.

Difference between Article Submission and Guest Posting?

Article Writing for Article Submission website may be circulated through numerous open source platforms, such as blogs, websites, etc. where anyone can submit an article, images or video and gets instant approval on the content. 

Guest posting is written for a third party website/blog and can not be replicated by others (unless authorised by the owner of the blog/website). Guest posting sites actually accept authors’ articles. It takes time for content approval. 

Importance of Article Submission Sites?

For article submission, quality content is the essence of marketing today. Without good content, no matter what the item is, it is difficult to attract the attention of people on article websites. For online business companies to promote their products and services online through article guest blogs, the same thing happens with video content as well. There are many obstacles you face when you launch your blog, and page visitors are certainly one of them.

Improving the standard of the site and maybe even endorsing the blog is the only way to attract more audience, but all of these items need one important thing and that is content.

Things That Makes an Article Submission Sites Outstanding

Keywords: Keywords are one of the biggest items in terms of content. You will boost the visibility of your website with proper and trending keywords. Make sure the post has keywords buzzing in it. This will assist you in expanding the scope of your website.

Publishing medium: It’s fine to compose content and incorporate keywords, but the publishing medium is what’s essential. A high-rated publication page would mean that your post receives the audience it wants and therefore boost your website. 

What is Article Submission Sites?

Article submission is one of the most powerful off-page SEO tactics, so you can get the amount of traffic on your website with the aid of article submission. The primary aim of uploading an article is to attract a good number of visits to your website without running Google Ads, social media ads or any kinds of online paying ads. 

You should know about article submissions before sending content.

Article submission in seo offers two ways of do-follow or no-follow links that do-follow, some of the good article writing sites offer you do-follow or no-follow. This is the oldest & most basic means of SEO. The article directory is very popular nowadays. Submitting the article directory seems really straightforward. 

Now the question is: What is the importance of article submission?

Here is your answer: It helps boost the ranking of Google PA and Alexa rank of your website. Nowadays, any blogger who knows about Alexa is very common in Alexa rank. If your Alexa rank is high, then the pr will boost automatically. Alexa allows you the full number of backlinks.

What are Article Submission Sites?

Article submission sites are websites where any category related to business, health, technology, and many more, the writer or author can submit articles/ blog/ content on it. In return, they will be getting a backlink to their website which will help them in SEO ranking on the google search engine. 

What is Article Submission in SEO?

As you know SEO is Search engine optimization. And it is divided into two parts. The first one is On-Page SEO and Off-page SEO. Article submission is an Off-page SEO technique. And it is a process of SEO off-page optimization. It refers to attracting traffic by uploading customized SEO posts to common submission directories for article submission. It is a long-term SEO practice that allows your website or blog to improve backlinks and raise PageRank on popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Top High PR Article submission sites

These are the top high DA PA article submissions for SEO websites list. 

  1. The one delivered by Google is certainly one of the best media for relationship creation. It is a platform for page building that lets you add content and articles to your blog, all without a single fee. What’s more is that when it comes to submission pages, this page has been ranked.
  2. One of the most popular websites for writing articles. Your article can be submitted here for free. This website has a decent ranking that means that the public can get your post.
  3. Vocal: It is a forum for writers to post content about subject-specific groups and gain cash depending on their stories’ interaction. Any time their posts are read, users receive, and can even gather one-off tips from their followers. It’s free for everyone to participate and start earning, but to help you earn even more, there are also paying subscription options. SEO-friendly is also Vocal’s user pages, and they have 9 million monthly readers who come to the web to visit the groups in which they are involved.
  4. It’s a free dissemination site for news and press releases. iSnare is undoubtedly at the top of the competition when it comes to paying providers. You get to post your material on more than 2000 websites at a nominal fee of 2USD. It’s getting much better. The more credits you order, the cheaper the submission service for this article gets. However, there is only one downside. It could take weeks to post your content here. But rest assured, in its business, iSnare is top and that means better outreach for your content.
  5. Another free service,, helps you to post your material online and is also one of the best sites available for posting posts. There are a variety of subjects on the internet and this ensures that the post will have more scope for adoption.
  6. This is one of the most popular sites for both writers and readers. Comparable to This blog still has a wide base of content and plenty of audience. The best part: it’s free of charge.
  7. This is a platform for the submission of a premium instant approval post. You can post your content online on several sites through this site. It includes a well-maintained list of posts and, yes, there are several categories that make this service very interesting. To publish your material, make sure you review this site.

DMAS shares with you below some High PR article Submission pages, need to use these sites and rate your website in a short span of time in a search engine.

Top 10 Free Do Follow Article Submission Sites list:-

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Article Submission Sites with Instant approval:

There are some of the best instant approval article submission websites of 2021. We hope that this list of instant approval article websites will provide you with the necessary support. Article submission is a fantastic way to advertise your services and you should also invest in high-quality content, particularly when it comes to content marketing. Make sure your article is SEO optimized and has the right keywords. Yeah, after all, good content is a symbol of good marketing.

Instant Approval Article Submission Sites List 2021

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Other Article Submission Sites

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Among everything, article submission websites of 2021 are functioning properly. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment below, we’ll be very happy to give you a response.

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