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Our SMM social media marketing services professional accompany you, advise you and help you to improve the visibility of your business in this digital world. To do this, we will review your competition in the online market and make a complete assessment of your visibility on the Internet.

To ensure maximum visibility, our agency offers you in-depth SMM services that can be adapted to your objectives.

In DMAS™, social media marketing experts implement best strategies and techniques to convey the right message, with the help of the right social media platform, at the right time, to the right audience and then tests that formula repeatedly to ensure to convert as a profitable lead. Once we gather the best social media marketing formula for your business it is easy to find a winning combination, we optimize and scale your social marketing platform according to achieve the highest conversion rate at the lowest cost per conversion. So, what are you waiting for? Avail our SMM services and get benefited!

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We are helping small scale business industries to adapt and grow their brand online in the face of ever-changing online marketing trends. We manage client social media accounts to make things easier, simple fully optimized for getting your message out to exactly the right people at the right time and ensure that they become your customers. 

At DMAS™ our social marketing professional made their hands dirty on the social marketing campaign, worked on various marketing tools gathered insight, for clients to achieve high outcome goals.

Get started with results-driven digital marketing ads service agency based in India. Since 2015, we have been providing social media marketing consulting and management for clients from all over the globe.

We call ourselves unique because our social media marketing business is based on different digital trending approach, always try to improvise with new SMM technique and strategies into the current campaign, and also exceed client’s expectations every month. 

DMAS™ Social Media Marketing Services

DMAS™ Social Media Marketing (SMM) is your one-shot option for growth in this digital era, we provide the solution for generating sales, leads, and potential audiences to your business. DMAS™ Agency will create a professional business page if you don’t have one then, filter and customize your page as per the latest category for business growth, we will design high-quality page banner with our in house design team, generate engaging high-quality content for attracting an audience. Our SMM professional will create your ad campaigns, analyze, test, scale them and optimize them daily for the best performance.

 Whether you’re a service provider in any sector, wholesaler, retailer, real estate professional, or in the eCommerce space, our experienced SMM team will optimize a creative and efficient digital campaign as per your goal to generate immediate sales and business at the lowest cost per acquisition.  

SMM Expert Day Life

Complete Social Page Audit

Deep query with clients, gather all the requirements, and  analyze your social media business page.  

Complete Social Media Page Audit
Detailed Optimization of Social Media Page

Optimizing Social Media Page

Successful strategy can be put by a optimized social media branding page, compelling content, and all the required business details.

Create Ad Manager Account

Advanced social media ad manager account setup for easy access for clients.  Organizing it with latest mode.

smm services - Create Ad Manager Account
smm services - bid strategy based on your goals

Paid Campaign Bid Strategy

Focuses on social networks platform that add value to paid campaign. Analyze competitors strategies. 

Quality Content Curation

Gathering information relevant to a particular Ad post, like heading title, engaging content, images, videos and  #hashtag. 

SMM Services - Most Effective Content Curation Strategies
SMM Services - Executing an Outstanding Advertising Campaign

Execute Ad Campaign

After clients approval the social media Ad goes to live, 

Monitor the Ads Analytics

SMM Expert will test, track , and measure Ads and make improvements wherever necessary. 

SMM Services - Track Ad Campaign Results Analytics
SMM Services - Build a Monthly Ad Campaign Report

Monthly Ad Report

Spotting the key insights, analytics and all the wining campaign outputs, are forwarded to clients. 

Types Of Social Media Marketing Services

Social Page Optimization

Main ingredient of any marketing strategy is one of the important is business page optimization.

Converted Lead Generation

Converting a potential customer into a converted lead through a successful marketing plan.

Social Brand Advertisement

Effective advertisements leads to business growth, brand visibility and turn to be potential customer later.

E-commerce Social Ads

Enhancing e-commerce ads supported by a result oriented tactic and strategies for improving your social media campaigns, and drive more sales.

Indepth Social Monitoring

Key analysis activity to filter and enhance the ads for finding the conversations and audience behavior flow that interest your buyers.

Promote Service Socially

Bit more creative, innovative and engaging to social media plan, effectively promoting your business on social networks.

Do You Know The 17 Amazing Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Your Business?
  1. Create Brand Recognition
  2. Direct Targeted Traffic Efficiently.
  3. Higher Conversion Rates.
  4. Better customer satisfaction opportunities.
  5. Keep Track About Your Competitors.
  6. Improved Search Engine Rankings.
  7. Build Customer Loyalty.
  8. Gather Data from Audience Research to Improve.
  9. It’s easy, simple and cheap.
  10. Retarget Your Audience Using Social Media.
  11. Go Viral in a short time.
  12. Make Brand Recognition.
  13. Develop Credibility.
  14. Develop a Long-Range Gathering.
  15. Build Brand Voice.
  16. Create Relationship Capital.
  17. Increase Customer Engagement.

17 Amazing Benefits Of Social Media Marketing 

“It won’t be wrong to call the best, they worked on real estate social media marketing plan and they provided a unique content marketing strategy to touch audience digitally. I am impressed with their professional team efforts; they have good customer care support as well."
Insurance Head
“I have been working with them since 2016, their social media marketing expert team helped me out when I need the most, they planned paid social media marketing for my restaurant from start and that is exceptional, now we have a huge Instagram follower. They’re always bringing new marketing ideas that I liked about them and encouraging us to try different approaches. They even worked on my website to make it more mobile-friendly and responsive. “
Yhou Zang
Founder Ecommerce
“No doubt they are good when comes to facebook advertisements, they uplift my business from zero to high numbers and it's going up and up. It’s clear that our success is their #1 top priority.”
Digital marketing agency
Smith William
Real Estate Agent

Frequently asked questions

Do you doubt this? Every individual has an account on a social media platform. Social media is an excellent platform to get connected with friends, family, and colleagues, everyone from young to old is using some of the most common popular social media applications.

So, it’s good opportunities for business, it gathers leads sales, brand awareness, engagement, and huge website traffic in a short period.

SMM marketing allows small businesses to reach thousands and thousands of potential customers that can engage with your services or goods, you can share your content, even gain website acquisition. What else do you need? Unique target audience to you, they will observe your service or goods which you are offering. You can, later on, remarket them with exciting offers and coupons for as long as you want!

  1. We are a group of young, enthusiastic social marketing experts, we know how things work on social media platforms.
  2. We have faced lots of issues and we gather social media solutions, so you don’t need to repeat that.
  3. We have unleashed impactful social strategies that enable business growth and enhance your brand recognition in the digital market.  
  4. We do useful changes, monitoring, analysis, and out-of-the-box deliverable, to get the best of it.
  5. We will transform our ideas and assets into ads that align with your market goals.
  6. We put 100% commitment to client’s expectations from day one.
  7. We are highly organized, motivated, and productive.
  8. We provide client access to an online marketplace platform to attract potential customers.
  9. We also provide valuable tips and suggestions for social media advertisement .  

Your business can reach out to a large no of your potential customers & building strong business relationships with them. To find the best social media platform, we need to do in-depth research, generate data on how your target audience is responding, who all are your potential customers, from which location they belong. Based upon that we will tell you the best social media platform for your business.   

  1. Advanced social media marketing campaigns
  2. Complete management of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts
  3. Competitive SMM social media marketing strategies for your business
  4. Full-service social media marketing as per the objective
  5. Goal-oriented social media marketing service
  6. High profitability marketing through the social media platform
  7. Optimized SMM services that help you get increased engagement
  8. Affordable social media marketing pricing plans
  9. An experienced social media marketing expert for your company
  10. Join hands with the best SMM service company in India

Pay only for what you need for the service. We recommend that you start with one trail plan and grow into the next when you see the results. We at DMAS™ bring affordable social media marketing pricing plans for your small-scale business. Our social media marketing cost depends on the goals and nature of the business.

How are you connecting with your target customers online and how can your business improve? Want to know? Then call us. 


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Our Full  Social Media Marketing Services

  • Targeted Lead Generation Ads 
  • Website Traffic Ads Service
  • E-commerce  Advertising Service
  • SMM Competitive Analysis Report
  • Social Media Business Page  Setup
  • Brand Awareness Advertisement
  • Shopping Ads Service
  • Social Media Retargeting Ads Service
  • Viral Social Media Advertising Service
  • Advanced Social Media Advertisement 
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