Is Influencer Marketing Worth It?

At first it is important to know that whether influencer marketing is a particular brand’s thing or not. The brand should know first to whom they are selling and what products and services they have to offer. Knowing the target market is extremely important. 

Influencer marketing is a collaboration between brand and influencers where the brands market their products or services with the help of online influencers. There can be earned influencer marketing and paid influencer marketing. 

Earned influencer marketing is free, while as the name suggests, paid influencer marketing is paid. Received influencer marketing involves unpaid partnerships in which the company sends its goods and services to the influencer and attempts it and shares content about their opinions and feedback about the product on their social media channel.

The small and medium sized brands use earned influencer marketing because of their limited social media budgets. The influencers make content on the product and post them to target audience and these posts appears more genuine and organic.

Whereas in case of paid influencer marketing, the influencer gets sponsored and also gets paid to post a particular type of content on their social media channel. Paid sponsorships varies from brand to brand and the influencers have to post differently depending on the brand along with some rules and guidelines around the post. 

Finding influencers with higher rate of engagement is helpful. Engagement is the amount of interactions that the social media post of an influencer has and the community that they represent. Selecting influencers with large number of followers with help the products or services of the brand to reach a large audience.

Hence a brand will want someone who has the passion for their niche brand and can influence their friends, family and others with the content they post on social media. The brand should reach out to influencers according to their niche and their dialogue should be friendly and professional. 

Building influencer relationships is also helpful to grow the brand’s business. The influencers should always experience positive things with the brand and they should be happy since one negative post or review can make a difference. 

Influencer marketing is worth if it fits with the particular brand and the brand is dedicated to the practice. Since a lot of time, money and effort is spent in influencer marketing, it is important for the brand to know about it completely and whether it fits their brand.

Before starting influencer marketing it is important to carefully consider the approach to the people. The influencers have to be organized and they should put together a strategy, plan and the budget and should also do some research on their topics. The brands should make sure that there is a particular strategy and communication with the influencers is fluid.

The brands have to continually evolve their strategies since the market is undergoing constant change. As the influencer styles have proliferated, the digital market is increasingly expanding and they fill any possible niche and sub niche interest.

With the growth of social media, the influencers are also set to grow rapidly. The influencers have become important intermediaries which helps to connect the brands with the customers on social media channels in a very vibrant and authentic ways which can deliver immediate results.

A brand needs to be involved in social media for influencer marketing and they should have unique influencers for the target market. Influencer marketing is effective when the brand is losing power, the consumers trust the recommendations from audience, when there is a shift from celebrities to opinion leaders, people are blocking the ads or when there is a growth of social media.

The brands should renew their perspective to ensure that they mutually maximize the value of the partnerships with the influencers before partnering with them. The social media platforms attracts influencers but Instagram is the best among them.

In influencer marketing the influencers should be aligned with the brand and the product they are collaborating with. The best way to make influencer marketing worth is to be fully transparent to the employees, the influencers, the outreach specialists and the customers. 

Hence, Influencer marketing is becoming important because the influencer economy is shifting more towards streamlined solutions buy using tools like influencer networks.It helps to draw new customers, increase repeat sales and income, drive customer loyalty, and optimize lifetime revenue for customers.