How to do website SEO in 2022?

Every year Google changes algorithms 3000 times. 90 % of people who use the internet search for information through search engines, so investment in SEO promotion is growing. In this article, we will talk about new promotion methods.

  • The first rule is you need to give up the usual words and not make the same content online. You are only increasing competition and not getting the traffic you need. The semantic core can be assembled in various ways – and they will be correct. You can even do it in regular Excel.
  • Website optimization for mobile devices.
  • It is important to create the content that the audience needs, and not for you personally. Even if it doesn’t seem obvious.
  • What about search keys? 

Their influence now is gradually decreasing. Nowadays, the content plan should only consist of a list of topics, not keys. There is a simple search engine for topics for your SEO. You can find pages on websites with weak or outdated content. For example: I found websites about youtube views and instagram likes. I wrote the same information for my blog but much better, so my blog with an article from another website with my own addition about real instagram likes and buying youtube views began to rank.

  • The main component of the site content is text The text should be long , then users stay on the site.
  • According to John Mueller (Google employee), in March 2022 the search engine will completely switch to mobile-first indexing. This means that sites without responsive design simply won’t have a chance to reach the top of the search results.
  • Try to be more creative and flexible.Algorithms change every day, change with them.
  • According to forecast of SEO-experts, at the end of 2022 up to 80% of total internet content will be served in video-format. The client begins to look and listen more than read.
  • You can create a video around existing content, or just make a video summary of the post. Audio podcasts, which you can listen to on the road are also useful.

 What you need to do in 2022 to increase the expertise, authority and reliability of your content and the site as a whole:

   Publish materials that reveal the stated topic. Structure them – use lists, H1-H3 headings, images, videos, tables.

  • Rewrite uninformative texts. Indicate the author of articles – a person who is responsible for the accuracy of the content.
  • Create a separate author page, where you indicate: real name, photo, short professional biography, certificates, awards and achievements in this area.
  • Register the address of the offline office / store, contact information, links to social networks. Place a map, information on the terms of delivery and payment.
  • Make out a page “About the Company” and / or “Team” with photos of employees and brief information about them. Add copyright and date in the footer, which corresponds to the year of business creation and the current one. Post testimonials from real customers with their names, photos and / or videos

New Google ranking factors in 2022:

The Page experience algorithm was announced at the end of May 2020, but it will only start operating in 2021, so there is time to prepare. The new system will rate sites based on users’ interactive.

Important indicators:

  • rendering time for most of the content (no more than 2,5 sec)
  • the level of displacement of the layout when drawing ( up to 0,1)
  • content security
  • availability of HTTPS
  • delay after the first input (no more than 100 ms)
  • quality of adaptation for mobile devices

  Most of the indicators are not new, they are already successfully taken into account in ranking Google. Algorithms only increase the degree of their influence.

In 2022, it is not enough to publish unique content on your website; you also need to protect it from theft, track plagiarists and punish them. To understand why this is important, consider the possible consequences of stealing your texts and images: Filters and sanctions from search engines It often happens that stolen content is indexed before the original source. As a result, sanctions may be imposed on the site of the real author: positions will decrease, and pages will fly out of the index.

We can conclude that the year 2022 will only strengthen the already existing trends in SEO optimization. Stay tuned for updates, learn new tools and technologies.